Laline Palette – Smoky Look Fairy Forest (Eng)

I decided to write this review in English because I doubt we will have a Laline store here in Italy soon, and since I have a couple of things I’d like to say about this brand and this particular product I want to go International.
I haven’t found much about Laline on the net, no reviews… at least in english… just the Facebook Page.

Laline is from Israel, but they have stores around the world. One of this stores is in the USA. I’ll copy some of the company profile here:
“Laline, a successful international boutique store, specializes in aromatic bath & body care products for body and soul.
Laline’s beauty line was created by two cousins who had a solid friendship and made their dream come true with the opening of their first store in 1999. The strong family connection and the feminine bond are uniquely reflected in the warm and welcoming customer experience offered in more than 60 Laline boutiques worldwide.
Laline’s products are a balanced work of art consisting of blending only the finest ingredients of nature together with innovative research and science. Committed to quality, Laline uses essential oils and scents sourced in the Provence region of France and mineral salts from the Dead Sea, and marries them together until they reach perfect aroma and texture. Laline does not use any animal-derived ingredients and prides itself on being a cruelty-free company.”

Looks good, doesn’t it?
I got in contact with this brand because i was in the USA for my Honeymoon, strolling on Pier39 in San Francisco when a very nice and charming girl popped up form a store and asked me cheerfully if she could make me try something… she and her collegues were all dressed up for Halloween, nice right?

You must know that we had been travelling for a couple of weeks with minimum baggage because we were moving by motorbike… so I thought to myself that a little shopping couldn’t hurt!
The shop is covered in wood  with a nice and cozy white shabby chic style. It has its own style just as Lush stores do.

She made me up using a black-grey Smoky-eye palette and she made me try an oil-based Salt of Dead Sea Scrub.
She told me they were Natural products and that seemed to be enough for me, I didn’t even check the Ingredients to see if it was true….
And that is exactly the problem….
But first things first …. At the moment I got carried away and  bought this Palette, called Smoky Look Fairy Forest, that is different in colours from the one she used.

This is how the palette looks like.

The hard cartoon palette box is very nice. It closes thanks to a small hidden magnet on the lid.


Back of the palette.


It a small, very small, mirror inside… and a couple of sponge applicators that I took out because they keep falling from the box wherever  I go!


These are the colours…


And these are the ingredients:

As you can see a closer look at the Ingredients could save me 20 bucks.. or at the very least made me think about it!!
It is Full of Silicon and Parabens… That could actually be ok if I bought this in a Drugstore!!
I already have a lot of eyeshadows which are not totally bio and I have no problems with that, when it is a conscious choice!
But if you tell me that your products are “Natural”,  I suppose they really are…
I appreciate that they are Cruelty Free, and that they use the “finest ingredients” but Parabens and Silicons are not something that I would define Natural, as she told me.
So you see ,the company statment doesn’t lie… it just doesn’t tell you everything you (don’t?) need to know… But the girl who sold me this was trained by someone that filled her with lies!
I know she was doing her job and maybe she really believed what she says but in the Big Picture Laline doesn’t win!
Now let’s take a look at the colours… They are designed to be for a green-brown smoky eye makeup and I have to tell that I like the them very much. That’s the main reason I bought this palette.
The only complaint is that number 4 and 5 are really too similar with a tiny difference in the undertone as you can see better from the swatches.
In this picture I swatched them over a primer.
The green is just gorgeous, a frosty cold green.
Number 6 has tiny transparent glitters that will just fall away, but I like this peachy Champagne colour.
What can I say about the Browns? I just love browns and I like them all…  I just would have appreciated more variety.
They are medium pigmented and but they give their best over a primer.
So in the end I like the colors and I quite like the pigmentation over primers, I like the quality of the packaging even if they really could put a larger mirror… (there is so much space left!)  BUT I don’t like the Propaganda and the Ingredients!
I guess my votes are still flawed by the disappointment i had…
  • Product: 
  • Packaging:
  •  Ingredients:  
  • Total:   … just because i like the colours!
  • Would I buy it again? No, if they insist in telling people they are Natural..
  • Price 19,95$ before Taxes.


Anybody ever used this brand’s products?
What do you think about them?

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